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If the birthday child would like to invite his/her friends with the special Halligalli postcards, please tick the corresponding box.

Please note our time slots on weekends:

  • 11.00 – 14.45 o‘clock
  • 14.15 – 19.00 o‘clock

For weekends you can book a birthday party only at these times. Please note this when booking. We are not responsible for later reclamations.

Before booking your birthday party, please be sure to read our rules of play.

You will receive free invitation cards if you hand in your booking personally at Halligalli.

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Birthday details

Snack plate „Crunch“: Popcorn, crisps and cracker.
Snack plate „Fitness“: Fruit, vegetable sticks and dip.

Details of the supervisor


Hereby you book your birthday party in the Halli-galli in a binding manner.

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